Field work

Field work

Each year extensive field work was carried out, also during the COVID period.

Summary reports of the field visits:



Crop type and land use maps

Crop type maps and land use maps were developed for the study areas in Tunisia, and also at the national level (plus a technical note).

Example of a crop type map:

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Support to Irrigation in Tunisia

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Presentation Evence Zoungrana

At the follow-up webinar in French that was held on May 31 2022, l’Afrique et les donnes spatiales Europeénnes, Evence Zoungrana gave a presentation on the use of Copernicus data for agricultural monitoring in Tunisia.

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Use cases (French)

AfriCultuReS Tunisia use cases presentation in French



AfriCultuReS Tunisia services demo


Platform demo

AfriCultuReS Tunisia platform demo


Workshop OSS 2021

Workshop OSS 2021

The 4th AfriCultuReS workshop of OSS was held on December 15 and 15, 2021 with the aim to present the AfriCultuReS services and products and the results of the project in Tunisia. The videos of the services, the platform demonstration and the uses cases in Tunisia can be found on this webpage. 

Concept note of the event (English)
Concept note of the event (French)

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Scientific publication

Scientific publication and technical report

A scientific publication was dedicated to the activities in Tunisia: “Supervised Machine learning for Crop mapping using Sentinel-2 time-series imageries - Case studies in Jendouba and Tunisia” ( You also can find it here.

A report on the establishment of the national geoportal for Tunisia was published in June 2021. It is called “Développement d’une plateforme géospatiale dédiée à la diffusion des données cartographiques (Tunisie)” and available here.


Photos Workshop 2020



Photos tele-training




Tele-training by OSS

OSS organised a “Tele-training on operational modelling of wheat growth and its yield estimate” within the framework of the AfriCultuReS and GMES-Africa projects in partnership with the CNCT (National Center for Mapping and Remote Sensing) - ONAGRI  (National Observatory of Agriculture) and INRGREF (National Institute for Research in Rural Engineering, Water and Forests), from 20 to 22 April 2020.

Concept note (English)
Concept note (French)
Report on the methodology

If you are interested in doing the training yourself, please contact Evence Zoungrana at

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Photos Workshop 2019



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